Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sprawling sketch in progress and older sketchbook image.

While waiting for Eleanor Curtain Publishing to get back to me on the roughs, and inspired by the great work of some of the Jacket flap Illustrators I've begun the next drawing push.Which sort of goes like- study anatomy books and animal books at night - sleep on it, and start drawing in the morning,
then after a few alternations my eye should be in and I hopefully I canthen get some nice new stuff quickly. I'll probably try a few watercoloury things since I often get a nicer mood drawing on paper(probably because I'm more comfortable-
that said these days instead of an eraser I find I'm searching vainly for an undo button on my drawing board.).
So heres a sketch that I started today- theres more of it I just haven't materialised the other monsters to the left enough to show yet.
Also theres a quick watercoloury dabble of about 6 months ago just to break up the monster vibe a little..
Watched another episode of Mathew Collings 'This is Civilisation' tonight- its become my art pep talk.

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