Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blue Mermaid

I'll do a few more kids book like drawings soon,- EC publishing finally got back to me so I have to do the final art for the book I'm doing for them("The soccer game") starting next week.
In the meantime here's a quick mermaid idea.

Son of Dino ahoy (ie the sequel)

Its not finished yet - need to finish the feet, back, more countershading etc, colour...

It sort of a Rhoetosaurus /Jobaria/ Lach-o-saurusy thing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project dino!

The plan is to do some dinosaur images - maybe for posters- maybe for my own self publishing- anyway heres the start of colour ideas- top is" hippo meets galapagos turtle" then "komodo dragon meets ground hornbill" bottom is "reticulated python type'. I'll try some really bright ones next- mainly around the head and neck- a-la cassowary or scrub turkey etc.
I should add that they are all "lach-osauruses" and kind of made up.
Theres a bright one so far- nice and fruity/display like around the head.