Saturday, March 28, 2009

Littlest guy gets sick.

Well my youngest son was sick the other night- poor little guy,
so' bad beasties' is my medieval assessment of the cause- horrible beasties. Mind you we don't have a cat and said nonexistent cat would never be allowed to sleep where it is if it did exist.
At top is the cure for other child injuries-"ice cream planet"- as yet uncoloured. Our intrepid explorer will have to ditch his helmet before using the aliens welcome gift.
the kids with the torches- just a recent doodle that happened.

At bottom is an under the bed type monster taking a break,
- actually it was probably a self portrait as sleep deprived dad at the time.


  1. hahaha your "bed monster taking a break" is so funny!

  2. well of course I should add my wife was far more sleep deprived at that point.